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We are a renewable energy company dedicated to increasing profitability and sustainability of agriculture, capturing renewable energy, and protecting the environment.  Founded in 2005, the company has developed the world’s first scalable mesophilic/thermophilic anaerobic digester to employ a tubular, zonally-mixed, modular design platform, geared for farms with herds from under 100 to over 10000 head.



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The Avatar Story

 Avatar started with a single thought - could we develop a better digester if we focused on and understood the biology of the of the system? We then sought out answers to the following questions:

  • What is the perfect environment needed to support the growth of the bacteria colonies responsible for digestion?
  • How does the microbiology change throughout the digestion process?
  • How do we ensure 99.999% pathogen destruction in effluent material leaving the digester?
  • What is the most efficient feed rate to optimize digester performance?

Discovering the answers to these questions provided us with a system design that would be cost effective and usable to the average farmer.  We feel that after nine years of development and testing we have achieved an ideal system.  Every part of the Avatar Energy AnD system is a direct response to our core questions.  The AnD system uses a “Plug-flow, zonally-mixed” design that allows the bacteria colonies in each section of the digester to grow in its perfect environment and ensure that no raw manure is discharged in the effluent.

If you would like more details on how the Avatar Energy Digester can help your farm or business please contact our sales office at (802) 651-4775.